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  1. dan13l

    dan13l Member

    my Micromax Ninja 3 is giving me this problem that any app will close or pause when the screen locks, and will restart when the screen unlocks.

    This i have noticed on a few of my apps like music player, browser, games, etc.

    Is anyone else having the same problem??
    Does anybody know the solution to this problem.

    I have tried using the app link 2 sd to convert a few apps to system apps but to no use, the music player for example would still pause/stop.
    This is happening even with the default music player and browser and also with downloaded apps like double twist player and opera mini.

  2. aKp1

    aKp1 Well-Known Member

    Hey Hi Dan, I am also facing similar problem and to my diagnosis , it seems due to low ram of what seems to me! You can try virtually increasing ram by using swap method and creating a swap on your memory card! I am also facing similar problem!
  3. akhilsnaik

    akhilsnaik Member

    guys i too face similar problem and i know its coz of low memory. any help. ?
  4. dan13l

    dan13l Member

    Hey aK,
    i guess you are right that this may be due to low ram.
    And since you suggested a solution to this, i wanted to know if you could help out by also telling how to get about this or even if you had a link to a step by step or tutorial or anything it would be great.
    And another question,, have you tried this method?? if yes hows has it worked out for you???
  5. mydk123

    mydk123 New Member

    I'm also facing same problem...wats solution??
    n btw i created 1 GB ram through swapper bt still my music player pauses...
  6. dan13l

    dan13l Member

    @mydk123: which launcher are you using?? i am using Go Launcher, and i feel that it may be because of the launcher and locker that is causing this problem.
  7. akhilsnaik

    akhilsnaik Member

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