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  1. stargirl29

    stargirl29 Well-Known Member

    i've only had my nexus 7 32 gb for about 2 weeks. the last few days or so it's been saying syst:em update loaded every time i turn it on. is this normal & is there a way to check for updates like with windows update?

  2. Digital Controller

    Digital Controller The Real Bass Creator Guide

    It's normal to have updates, but have you been installing it each time? Or have you been ignoring it. If you installed it something is probably wrong with the downloading process. Does anything happen after it tells you there are updates?

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  3. systemofadown

    systemofadown Well-Known Member

    Check for updates go to settings, about tablet, system updates ;-)
  4. stargirl29

    stargirl29 Well-Known Member

    it said "system update downladed" so i thought it had oinstalled itself....i'm still a newbie.
  5. stargirl29

    stargirl29 Well-Known Member

    thanks that worked.
  6. cognus

    cognus Well-Known Member

    what worked?

    it seems to not 'mark' the task as done. I see the same thing. gotta be some way to clear it.... reminds me of Windows!! haha:D
  7. stargirl29

    stargirl29 Well-Known Member

    i did what systemofadown suggested above....settings, about...etc.

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