T-Mo HTC Magic Pics. :) (MyTouch3g)

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  1. Crackbone

    Crackbone Well-Known Member

    Well, I figured I'd add to the feeding frenzy and post these here. Hopefully Rob gets a hold of em, because I don't think these are anywhere out the web yet(T-Mo branded anyway). These came directly from someone who was handed the phone by Google. :p Rest assured, it's coming, and soon. :)




  2. Rob

    Rob I'm tellin' mommy on you! Administrator

    Awesome! Making a post about this on Phandroid right now!
  3. harsaphes

    harsaphes Well-Known Member

    LOL..guys this is my phone..and the picts have been on your site for a couple days in another thread..I just activated it today and will post some screen shots.
  4. Crackbone

    Crackbone Well-Known Member

    Post em dude. I got these from a friend. LOL.

    You are famous. :)

    There's alot of people out there that are looking for shots, including myself. Lets see em. :)
  5. theGchild

    theGchild New Member

    how many megapixels is the camera? is it the standard 3.2 or the rumored 5?
  6. ebaydan777

    ebaydan777 New Member

    ya cmon man post some more info and pics, how the hell did u get that?
  7. JDLM

    JDLM Member

    Looks good, I love the Magic
  8. Sandwich

    Sandwich New Member

    I got my HTC Magic yesterday. Is this the US-version with just another name?
  9. AdamHC

    AdamHC Well-Known Member

    yea and a 5mp camera.
  10. chicojd

    chicojd Member

    Can't wait for another phone at this point... Heading to T-Mo store to pick up a white G1 (reduced to 149.00 last week)... IF they announce the release of the MyTouch 3G next week, I'll return and exchange! Otherwise, we'll be a 2 G1 family for a while. The DATA plans are gonna kill me!!!
  11. sharky34

    sharky34 Member

  12. bobgaron

    bobgaron Active Member

    Ok so what are the differences between the Magic and the Mytouch 3G and what would make me want one over the other.

    All these new Android phones are kinda confusing as to which one to get. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to get my hands on the Hero running on US Tmobile.
  13. paloverde88

    paloverde88 Member

    I think the my touch and magic are the same thing just maybe different apps loaded as stock
  14. bobgaron

    bobgaron Active Member

    Gotcha. Ok so what about the Hero and the new Samsung revealed Android phones? Are the Magic and Mytouch outdated already by these?

    What would be the benefit to get these over the Mytouch when it comes to us next month? Or should I simply purchase an unlocked Hero?
  15. paloverde88

    paloverde88 Member

    Honestly I do not like the new Samsung Android phone known as Bigfoot or whatever it is called. It is just not as appealing, not as slick and looks bulky and fugly.

    There has been reports that the new teflon coating on the Hero beats the iphone 3G S hands down and that includes greasy hands :eek:

    GODMODE Well-Known Member

    It's going to be a tough decision between the Magic and the Galaxy.

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