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[T-Mobile] Any way to run >4 gig files on xternal sd card?

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  1. Gfv355

    Gfv355 Member

    Hey guys this topic may have been beaten to death but i was wondering if there is anyway to play larger than 4 gig files on an external sd card. Any apps out there that allow you to reformat to ntfs, or any work around here? Id like to be able to keep my nandroid backup on my external sd card as well is this asking too much of my phone?

  2. Atma

    Atma Well-Known Member


    I don't even know there was some kind of 4gb limit on playing files. :eek: If you look in the op of that thread, there is a file that will help read exFat formatted cards. That may help.

    Do you have a problem with nandroids on your sd card? I have no trouble storing all my nandroids on mine. I have about 10gb worth I think.

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