[T-Mobile] App to root the note 3?

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  1. chrisevv98

    chrisevv98 Member

    I use to have an LG Venice (for boost mobile) and I wanted to root it but didn't have a computer so I looked around and found an app called Lgpwn that actually rooted the phone with the app itself, I was wandering if there's anything like that for the note 3 or if a developer can please work on it (I don't have a computer so yeah) thanks in advance :)

  2. chrisevv98

    chrisevv98 Member

    No help at all here -.-
  3. mrpnut

    mrpnut THE WORLD IS YOURS VIP Member

    Sorry bro........but as of right now there's no one click root app for the note 3, you will need a pc sorry. .......
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  4. chrisevv98

    chrisevv98 Member

    Ohhh okay thank you, hopefully they figure a way out.
  5. The SPCS Guy

    The SPCS Guy Well-Known Member

    It is pretty easy with ODIN. Try it.
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  6. chrisevv98

    chrisevv98 Member

  7. parkert

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  8. recDNA

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  9. HoUdInI

    HoUdInI Well-Known Member

    In my opinion wicked v10 is the best 100% stable and is aroma many tweak's and addy's well worth a try if nothing else...

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