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T-Mobile: Black G1 now on back order until Nov 10General

  1. cincinnerdi

    cincinnerdi Member

    FYI for those who don't have their G1 yet: When I ordered on Oct 23, T-Mobile rep said it was NOT on backorder and could receive it in a week, before end of Oct. *On Oct 24 - Automated order status system said, Will be shipped next bus. day. * On Oct 25 - Live person said, Oh, we just got word that the black ones are on backorder and users should expect to receive them on Nov 10.

  2. HTC

    HTC Well-Known Member

    my local phone store said they have about 30 in the back when i bought mine.
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  3. punkzanyj

    punkzanyj Well-Known Member

    The reps don't know what they're talking about.

    They've told people it can tether (it can't), they've told people it works with Hotspot @ Home (it doesn't), they've told people it won't ship till Oct 20th (mine went out on the 15th), they told me specifically they would call me back to reroute my phone to my office (they never did, I picked it up at UPS instead). I ordered a black on the 23rd of September and received it on October 21st.
    Sorry they're telling you that. I'd call again, pretend you didn't talk to anyone (they may not check your file) and ask the same question, bet you'll get a different answer.
  4. cincinnerdi

    cincinnerdi Member

    I'm not in a 3G area, so when I stopped in at store (which had a big G1 poster in the window) and asked the sole employee present if they had one I could see and touch, he looked a little conflicted and said, I guess so. Then he reached behind the counter and pulled one out. He let me mess around with the G1 a bit - I mostly wanted to make sure the Gmail/Contact phone number thing was all in one since I can't sync my gmail contacts with my Blackberry now. He suggested that the iPhone was the best way to go and that's what he uses. He said,
    Weird conversation. I promptly went online to order mine...
  5. GelezzOnezNV

    GelezzOnezNV Member

    I ordered mine on Oct. 22nd and I just checked my status on UPS, it was billed on the 24th and due for delivery tomorrow, the 27th, so if I don't recieve my phone via UPS tomorrow by 8pm I am going to call T-Mobile and go off! :mad:
  6. cincinnerdi

    cincinnerdi Member

    you'll likely get your then, GelezzOnezNV. UPS tracking seems to be way more organized than T-Mobile order tracking. I knew I was in trouble when I clicked on the Order Status button on t-mobile.com and it DIDN'T track my order or even tell me I had one. I just said, Go to UPS and put in your phone #. Sheesh. Spend a bit more on your e-commerce site, t-mobile...
  7. kevin

    kevin Member

    bleh. I ordered mine the 17th, called T-Mobile up & the automated message said mine is on backorder.
  8. Windchill

    Windchill Well-Known Member

    Its confirmed! If you ordered between October3rd and October 21st (second half of the presale) we will begin shipping your devices between October 27th and October 31st. You should get them within 3 days of that.

    check your status using your phone number xxx-xxx-xxxx


    I cut and pasted this from the TMobile G1 forums as well as talked to a rep on the phone who said exactly the same thing.
  9. Manacit

    Manacit Well-Known Member

    Phew, I read this right after I ordered mine on Monday, I was worried.. Woke up today and there was a tracking number and it said my package had been scanned at Dallas, TX, so I'm assuming my phone isn't on backorder :)
  10. Windchill

    Windchill Well-Known Member

    I still have no info on mine. I bet tmo makes me wait till the 10th. Lol!
  11. kevin

    kevin Member

    yeah, I ordered mine the 17th. Still have no info on mine either. Love getting f*cked
  12. Manacit

    Manacit Well-Known Member

    Man, that really sucks.. It's obvious they have them in stock (unless UPS is tricking me..). Try giving them a ring and tell them that you know they are in stock, etc and ask for yours to be sent. If worst comes to worst tell them you're thinking about canceling or something because you can't get a phone.
    Good luck :)
  13. cincinnerdi

    cincinnerdi Member

    Now I hear they're available at 550 selected Wal-mart stores for $148.88. (Link to PC World story) I thought the price and availability might make canceling my T-Mobile order and getting it there a better plan, so I stopped by my local store and found them clueless about it. Then again it was 6:30am and I'm not in a 3G area. Can't find a trace of it at walmart.com either.
  14. porquepine

    porquepine Well-Known Member

    You know what is really cool!? My Birthday is Tomorrow! I am not kidding, I am serious! :) Anyway, this morning got up and checked the UPS site like I have been doing for weeks now and Whalla, tracking information!!! They are going out. The phone will deliver on October 30th, 2008. :p:DI ordered mine on October 11th for those of you that are trying for guess when yours will head out the door.

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  15. blazinyella

    blazinyella Active Member

    i ordered on the 20th and got my tracking info this morning as well...this is going to be a great weekend
  16. Flatman

    Flatman Well-Known Member

    I ordered on the 22nd. Still no tracking info for me. :( Also the system keeps saying "backordered"...
  17. mish147

    mish147 Well-Known Member

    where does it keep saying your on backorder??? are you calling or checking online that you see this
  18. kevin

    kevin Member

    ordered on the 17th. still nothing, YAY :(
  19. iap

    iap New Member

    i ordered mine on the 15th and still have no confirmation either. i went by my local tmobile store to just go buy it and have my order cancelled, but i had to call costumer care because in the store they couldnt cancel it and the CC worker told me i couldnt cancel the order because it exceeded my order time by 1 hour. so dont think you can just cancel your orders! they told me to buy it from the store and to reject the phone when UPS delivers it.. yea right UPS will have a new g1 then. :D
  20. Windchill

    Windchill Well-Known Member

    I ordered the 14th of october. How are you guys ordering on the 20th and what have ya getting your phones so quick? Hardly seems fare to me, but thats life I guess. :( (insert big sigh here)....
  21. yunlin12

    yunlin12 Member

    I ordered on Thur 10/23, online upgrade for another 2 year. Then I called my local store, and they actually have it in the store. But they don't know how to cancel the online order. I tried to call the online support and can't even get through the auto-answering system, got dropped a couple time. Frustrated.
  22. Windchill

    Windchill Well-Known Member

    I also ordered online with 2 year extension. My nieghbor ordered his (on my pc) right after me and has got his already. That is just so wrong on so many levels. Lol! :confused:
  23. cincinnerdi

    cincinnerdi Member

    Just call t-mobile from your phone, say "english" then "order status".
  24. Windchill

    Windchill Well-Known Member

    Hot DAMN!!! I have a tracking number!! WOOHOO! Says it will be here tomorrow.:p (doing the happy dance) :p
  25. Flatman

    Flatman Well-Known Member


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