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[T-Mobile] Can't install DARTHSTALKER past version 3?!

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    JESUSgotNAILED Active Member

    Hey guys, I'm having a problem upgrading past v3 for Darthstalker. I'd appreciate it if you guys could pitch in with why this is happening.

    I decided to upgrade after seeing that 4 new versions had came out since I last flashed, so I downloaded v7 (newest). I followed the instructions to a T, exactly the same way I installed v3 (this version Darthstalker uses Aroma to install tho). Anyway, after it's installed the phone reboots and once it gets past the Darthstalker logo, the phone says 'ANDROID IS UPGRADING' and underneath it it says 'Optimizing Apps'. The first time it shows like '1 out of 32' and while it's going through this optimzing the phone will reboot over and over and over. It literally will never stop rebooting, always going back to that 'Optimizing Apps' screen. After the first reboot it'll say opitimizing '1 out of 1' apps tho, that's the only difference.

    I've tried V4 (figured maybe Aroma was the problem, 4 was the last version without it) and had the same problem! Except it doesn't show optimizing, it just keeps rebooting when it gets to the Darthstalker logo.

    I can wipe and get V3 back on there no problem... that's the weird thing.

    Any ideas why that is happening? I would ask in the Darthstalker thread but some jack ass admin at XDA banned me for life while I was still trying to make 10 posts (to be able to post in the Darth thread), for absolutely no reason. I was making positive on topics posts... so I think it was my name offending some super religous admin.

  2. RiverCity.45

    RiverCity.45 Member

    Do you have a 64 Gb SD card formatted as ext? If so, you will need to do one of two things:
    1) Flash a kernal that supports 64 Gb ext formatted SD; or
    2) Reformat your SD card to FAT32.

    Other things to try:
    1) Make sure you have done a full wipe before installing the ROM;
    2) Download the ROM again, in case it was corrupted when you downloaded it;
    3) Download to a desktop computer, then transfer it the phone, rather than downloading it directly to your phone. Sometimes this avoids file corruption in download.
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    JESUSgotNAILED Active Member

    Changing kernels was going to be my next idea whenever I sat down with the time to deal with this again. THANK YOU RIVERCITY!!! I have now installed XTREMEXPERIA v4 successfully, no more rebooting over and over! I figured I'd try XPERIA out for a few days then retry installing DARTHSTALKER v7, this time with a different kernel. XPERIA was giving me the same problem fyi as DARTH... rebooting over n over.

    I used the INFAMOUS kernel that said it supports exFAT this time around. I know Jovy had switched up the default kernal a few times in the different versions but didn't think he'd land on one that didn't support exFAT cards. Thanks again River!!!
  4. RiverCity.45

    RiverCity.45 Member

    Glad I was able to help. Enjoy your ROM!

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