T-Mobile changed it plans.

  1. joephu

    joephu Member

    I previously had the 300 My Favs Individual with the $20 total internet data plan. The lowest my Favs Family use to be 700, but it looks like it's now 400 at the previous 700 price...WTF. The service people were not aware of the change either so it must have just gone into effect. So for $69.99 + $24.99 I get 400 My Favs plus unlimited Mobile-to-Mobile.

    Anyone else notice the plan change.

  2. RyanM

    RyanM Member

    Are you sure? I dont see this plan.

    The myfaves plans also dont include m2m unless you add it for an additional fee

    ($7 individual / $10 family)
  3. punkzanyj

    punkzanyj Well-Known Member

    yeah, they announced awhile ago that the family plans were going to change.
  4. coyote121403

    coyote121403 Member

    Also Wifi at home is no longer available... I called last night to get it on my G1 and thats what they told me.
  5. joephu

    joephu Member

    Ironically, it does not show up on their website so it must be brand spanking new. I'll have to call customer service tomorrow.
  6. buydavidarchuletanov11

    buydavidarchuletanov11 Well-Known Member

  7. noderat

    noderat Active Member

    Unlimited Hotspot Calling is not a feature that is built into the G1, the phone has WiFi but does not support UMA (Calls over wifi).
  8. noderat

    noderat Active Member

    Sometimes it does take a little while for new plans to funnel down though to the website, the no contract plans are not even online yet AFAIK. Customer care usually has access to these plans a little early.
  9. punkzanyj

    punkzanyj Well-Known Member

    Are you saying it's not available at all, or just not for the G1? Because there was never any marketing or documentation that said the G1 is compatible with hotspot at home. The only smartphones they show that are compatible are all blackberrys.
  10. Scottdroid

    Scottdroid Active Member

    I was looking over the plans this morning. They also ADDED to all Myfav family plans unlimited T-mobile to T-Mobile calling. So while they mish mashed some things, they did add some value to it as well.

    Certainly something I'm looking forward to when my wife's plan runs out on Verizon.
  11. joephu

    joephu Member

    Referto Noderat's response. I'm using WiFi at home and work.

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