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[T-Mobile] Cleaning up crap files before flashing a ROM

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  1. whippingboy

    whippingboy Member

    I've been flashing a few roms lately, and I seem to be running low on internal SD storage. When I look at my file system, there is a lot of junk in there that I don't recognize. Some of it is obviously from apps that were in use on a previous ROM, but some of it I am not sure what it is.

    I really just want to be able to flash roms or restore some recovery backups (I'm using OUDhs CWM, so it is keeping the recovery files at /sdcard/clockworkmod/backup/). Everything else, I am happy to nuke from orbit.

    So, what dirs do I minimally need? What steps do I have to follow to do this? What is the difference between "factory reset" vs "cache partition" vs "dalvik cache"?

  2. xXchrizhurtyXx

    xXchrizhurtyXx Well-Known Member

    Factory reset wipes the data partition.
    if you wanna delete internal sd card you would choose format/internal sd.
    but remember to pull out the folders you want.
  3. whippingboy

    whippingboy Member

    Thanks for the quick response.

    So I guess I am trying to figure out what folders I want. If I want to recover my old recovery backups, can I do that after doing a factory reset? Or after formatting the internal SD?
  4. xXchrizhurtyXx

    xXchrizhurtyXx Well-Known Member

    recovery backups are in the twrp folder.
  5. whippingboy

    whippingboy Member

    Thanks again for the response, xXchrizhurtyXx. Though I am not exactly sure how that answers my question. I'm kinda a noob to this world, so you'll have to excuse my lack of knowledge on these sorts of details. Is that folder effected by a factory reset? I presume it is by formatting internal storage, but correct me if I am wrong. Does OUDhs need anything besides that dir to restore a backup?

    Also, diverting slightly away from my original question: When I boot into the recovery console, OUDhs reports that the recovery data is in /sdcard/clockworkmod/backup/. I can't seem to find a "twrp" dir anywhere on my phone.

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