[T-Mobile] Cynagenmod 4.4 Kit Kat?

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  1. ChristianOrtiz

    ChristianOrtiz Well-Known Member

    I had Cynagenmod 4.4 Kit Kat but then i got into something and messed everything up. Anyway can anybody direct me to a Cynagenmod Kit Kat ROM the one with the emojis and the "Ok, Google" command ? Please ? oh and STABLE not Nightly, they never work on my phone.

  2. william1964

    william1964 Well-Known Member

    I been using dandroid kitkat 4.4.2 stable and with emojis and ok google.

    Here's the link: [ROM] KOT49H【4.4.2】Google Edition【Dandroid】【Gravity Box】【Xposed】12-15-2013 - xda-developers
  3. alextop30

    alextop30 Well-Known Member

    Does Dandroid actually work well. I have been seeing some loss of sound and so on when people installed the rom?

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