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[T-Mobile] deleting a kernel or internet connection issues?

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  1. karrar55

    karrar55 Well-Known Member

    im sorry for the lack of root understanding but i downloaded team seven htc button hack without doing a nandroid and i believe its messing with the asphalt game.. the game wont allow me to play multiplayer, it keeps telling me there is no internet connection but im clearly connected. anyway to remove the team seven kernel? or fix the asphalt airborne internet connection?

    phone is htc one black with cwm and t mobile rom

  2. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    Data issues are often fixed by toggling airplane mode or a simple reboot. If you're running a different variant on t mobile and had to enter APN settings,double check them and make sure they're correct.

    If you need to,The best way to install your stock kernel would be to find a version of your stock Rom to flash in recovery. If you're running a custom Rom,then just reflash that Rom.

    simply wipe cache and dalvik cache and flash the Rom. If you don't wipe data you won't need to re-set up your Rom.

    And let it be a lesson for making a backup prior to making changes :)
  3. karrar55

    karrar55 Well-Known Member

    Thanks s lot for the help really appreciate it
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  4. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    Your welcome. Holler if you have further questions :)

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