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  1. vini_i

    vini_i Member

    I have an HTC one with t-mobile. The phone is rooted and i have a custom recovery on it (TWRP). The phone has a stock android 4.1 rom running on it. after about two weeks the phone started bugging me about an update. because of the root and the custom recovery i can't and honestly i like the phone how it is.

    how to i disable the OTA update notification?


  2. Rukbat

    Rukbat Well-Known Member

    Next time you get the notification, long-press it. You should get an "App info" button. Press it - that'll bring you to the app that's making the notification. Clear its data. It won't be permanent - unless you freeze the update app, it'll remind you every once n a while. (Bu Titanium Pro or Link2SD can freeze it.)
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  3. vini_i

    vini_i Member

    thanks, link2sd froze the app like a champ.
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