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  1. melon

    melon Member

    Wow, what a drag. Is this going to be a multi-year exclusive contract with T-Mobile, or are they going to release the phone on other carrier's networks shortly after?

  2. fbarkon

    fbarkon Member

    Everyone is all miffed :mad:that the "dream" will be a T- mobile exclusive. I never hear people giving At& t the business for the Iphone of Sprint users complaining about their data plans. I don't ever hear a peek out of the V cast users. :confused:We as consumers have the option to have service with any carrier we like. Thank Goodness there's no real monopoly. The only kick back these cell phone providers get is hoping they will mark back the prorated discount they gave the buyer will pan out as company revenue. Android will be carried by other carriers in the future, which will make the open even more open. There's just no actual timeline for that... we'll have to wait and see. I'm going to be holding my dream in less than 49 days.. you can wait if you like. Kudos for T-mobile for be first at bat with this one, and to those who don't like who's playing ... go to another game. :D
  3. Rob

    Rob I'm tellin' mommy on you! Administrator

    I'm pretty sure the Dream will be a T-Mobile exclusive.

    That being said, there will probably be a LOT of Android handsets coming out in Q1 2009 and they'll have to land somewhere. Sprint is pretty much a guarantee and I don't think Verizon/AT&T will be too far behind.

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