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  1. Mark Ramos

    Mark Ramos New Member


    I have bought a G1 here in the Philippines and I encountered a problem regarding my load balance. I have disable data connection and I had Php 10.00 on my account. I just got a text message and suddenly it became Php 9.00. Our service provider does not charge us for receiving text. I tried it on my Nokia 2630 and I tried sending text messages to my prepaid number. I did not lose any Peso.

    Can you please confirm that there are other applications that require the consumption of load balance? Because if that is so it would hurt so much since it will eat up all the prepaid balance. I am about to try it to my postpaid account and see if it does the same. Please check on this.

  2. Mark Ramos

    Mark Ramos New Member

    I tried not using my phone for about an hour.. Now my load is at Php 1.00. Are there hidden threads in Android that consumes load balance? This is annoying. I did nothing with my phone but my balance goes down so fast.
    I need help please.
  3. clarkkent28

    clarkkent28 Member

    It will do unless you have an add on for internet. The G1 is an always ON phone. Permanently connected to data services (as T Mobile told Me) it will eat credit. I would suggest you get a data add on.
  4. tiredhiker

    tiredhiker Well-Known Member

    You can stop DATA by going to your APN codes and add an XXX to the APN code. Fix it when you want to use DATA and mess it up when you do not want it. I am in Vietnam when I first unlocked my phone and what a big surprise it was using about $8 usd a day for just sitting there...
  5. justjimjpc

    justjimjpc Premium Member VIP Member

    I think it would be very helpful if you could walk through the G1 step-by-step tutorial key-by-key and settings ... so that everyone can do this when needed ...

    I will be glad to add it to the FAQ's and we can also put it in the "Tips and Tricks Section"

    Thanks for your contributions
  6. stangey

    stangey New Member

    I was having the same trouble in Vietnam aswell. Found a convenient and free app called "APNdroid". This app simply adds the words "apndroid" to your apn's so they can no longer access the gprs/edge/3g network. 1 click on, and your connected when you really need mobile internet. 1 click off again and your saving your prepaid dollars!

  7. justjimjpc

    justjimjpc Premium Member VIP Member

    NOTE: from dev /// Be sure to ENABLE Access before unistalling ... OTHERWISE you will be off-line and needing to change all the APN's manually !!

  8. nae

    nae Member

    i am also from the philippines and having the exact same problem... my prepaid credit is being consumed.. i thought it was from a program i downloaded so i performed a reset. but no, my prepaid credit is still being consumed. please help. thank you.
  9. MBuenviaje

    MBuenviaje New Member

    My load kept on eating from the T-mobile G1 and I barely use it. Is there any other way how to use it without spending so much load in one hour? Need help ASAP =(
  10. fayjohn123

    fayjohn123 Member

    you can refer to my post about the g1 data issue under the support section...

    For your convenience...here it is

    Dial *#*#4636#*#*
    Phone information>>Select WCMDA only (gsm default)>>Press Menu button>>>More>>Disable data connects >>>Disable Data on boot

    Enjoy data less smart phone service now for those who wish use it without a plan

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