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  1. wajji

    wajji New Member


    yesterday I got an update notification saying not an OS upgrade just an update of nearly 36 mb in size...I started it n while updating. The switch of router(INTERNET) was off n the g2 screen was in the same position as when it was while updating......... so I pulled the battery n kept it again n started the phone but CANNOT START N EVERY THING IS BLANK EVEN CAN'T SHOWS CHARGING LIGHT WHEN KEPT FOR CHARGING N ALSO CANNOT RECOGNISED BY PC......... also tried hard reset but no use its blank PLEASE HELP ME PLEASE HELP ME PLZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  2. kapi2

    kapi2 New Member

    If anyone has an answer, I'm on the same boat. Except, I wasnt doing anything to my phone just pulled battery and when it booted it was blank, now i cant even do a factory reset, I did it once but still blank, now it wont even do a factory reset.
  3. YrrchSebor0000

    YrrchSebor0000 Well-Known Member

    I'm not 100% clear what you two are describing here, but did you pull your batteries while the phone was in the process of updating? That is actually one of the few ways i believe you can truly brick your phone; once the phone starts doing an update you want to leave it alone until it reboots on it's own.

    Sorry if i am misunderstanding here, i'm just not real clear what you are saying.
  4. Joe Dirt

    Joe Dirt Well-Known Member

    What does the phone do when you hold volume down and power? If you can get to Hboot you aren't bricked yet. If you can't get to Hboot you have a nice looking paperweight.

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