[T-Mobile] Galaxy S4 Stock Android as a Rom

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  1. Dimensions

    Dimensions Member

    Now that Google Announced at Google I/O 2013 that later this year a Samsung Galaxy S4 with Stock Android will be released for $650 unlocked, I hope some amazing developer ports it for all of the suffering S4 users with TouchWiz. Just saying. :)

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  2. Atma

    Atma Well-Known Member

    I'm hoping we'll be able to Odin the firmware straight to our phone. Although normally I don't care a lot for touchwiz, it doesn't really bother on this phone.
  3. Dimensions

    Dimensions Member

    I truthfully hate it with a passion, I just don't like how CM 10.1 doesn't have NFC / Beam. Maybe the first Stable build will have it? :confused:
  4. elfy23

    elfy23 Well-Known Member

  5. fatalfury

    fatalfury Well-Known Member

    I just use my unlock box to unlock my phone LOL. I am a cell tech here in Southern california its what i do all day long :)

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