[T-Mobile] Having an issue fastboot flashing stock recovery

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  1. dandiele

    dandiele Active Member

    Hey everyone, I am having an issue flashing my stock recovery to my t-mobile HTC one. I had my phone unlocked and rooted with TWRP recovery installed. I am wanting to go back to stock to exchange my phone for a different device altogether (long story) however, I have been able to apply my nandroid, but when i did my nandroid I dont have the stock recovery in the nandroid since I had TWRP installed.....anyway I tried to apply a stock recovery from a tmobile nandroid I downloaded, (cant post the link yet) and I was able to fastboot flash recovery recovery.img and it went fine, so in the same command prompt I did the fastboot oem lock and relocked my bootloader, however everytime I tried to reboot the phone into stock recovery it would not work. It would just flash the HTC logo, say at the top in purple booting recovery and at the bottom the RED warning and then go right back to the bootloader screen.

    So i decided I would unlock the bootloader again and that worked perfectly, chose to reboot into recovery and what do you know it boots up TWRP.....

    My question is how in the world do I get the stock recovery back on, relock the bootloader and do a factory reset. I understand it will say relocked at the top but the process above had it saying Tampered, Relocked, and security warning. Since I am not returning this phone for warranty, only for exchange within the buyers remorse time frame I am going to send this phone in and if Tmobile gives me grief I will send in my wifes phone instead, but she doesnt want a rooted phone etc so I want to send in mine first. I was told as long as no physical damage it didnt matter but i want to bring it to stock anyway.

    Thanks in advance for any help you kind folks can provide!!

  2. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    You would install the stock recovery just like you did twrp. Make sure you have eliminated twrp from your adb/fastboot folder,so you're not accidentally installing it again.

    Assuming the image to be named "recovery" you just need to place it into the adb/fastboot folder and:

    fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
  3. dandiele

    dandiele Active Member

    I did do that what you suggested Scotty , that's what I did last night that was giving me all the trouble. And when I unlocked the bootloader again sure enough twrp was there still. I used the mini-sdk the creator of android revolution posted. Put the recovery.img I downloaded from the stock nandroid and fllashed it. But then had the issues I posted. I know it was a very long op so maybe it's confusing. I dunno what to do at this point. Would you happen to have a link to a known working stock tmobile us HTC one recovery . Thanks for the help
  4. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    hmm,try it again,then reboot your phone before relocking the bootloader. try and adb reboot recovery back to recovery and see what happens.

    if its still twrp,copy/paste your entire cmd window,and let me see a screen shot of your adb/fastboot dirctory

    last,and not least,upload or link the recovery you used and ill see if it will flash to my phone.

    failing all that,see if you are able to change from twrp to clockwork,using the same process.

    off to work,ill try and watch but it may be later this evening before i can reply. :)
  5. dandiele

    dandiele Active Member

    Ok Scotty thanks for the help. I am also off to work in ten minutes so I'll try this after 4:30 central I think it's not to difficult to figure this out but I was getting frustrated last night. Had to just stop.
  6. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    Sounds good. Mike was also unable to change his recovery... Hopefully there is something simple going on here, and not some sort of issue with S on phones.

    I will definitely do my best to help you get it figured out. :)
  7. jonv3232

    jonv3232 Member

    Hello hey man if you unlocked your bootloader using the htcdev website everytime you flash a rom whether stock or rom u need to flash the boot img using the commands
    "Fastboot flash boot boot.img" assuming the boot img is name is boot.
    After that wipe evsrything except internal and then flash the rom
  8. jonv3232

    jonv3232 Member

    Oh yea have all your files in a folder including adb fastboot etc
  9. dandiele

    dandiele Active Member


    There is a MEGA link to download the nandroid, I just used the recovery.img ONLY from that nandroid. I used MY nandroid backup I did after unlocking to restore my phone to stock BESIDES recovery. hope that makes since?

    Im guessing maybe the recovery.img within that nandroid is TWRP and that is my issue.....I will have to further play with it when I get home, didnt bother brining my usb cable and what not to work cause work internet would take for every to download a nandroid and slows our software down lol.
  10. dandiele

    dandiele Active Member

    Im not quite sure what you mean by this, I had flashed android revolution HD to the phone with no issues, no flashing in fastboot of boot.img...maybe im misunderstanding you?

    and by flash, I mean I downloaded the zip of the rom and installed it using TWRP with no trouble, just to be clear.
  11. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    Is most folks tend to permanently installed the recovery, I'd say you are correct. Sounds like we need to find somebody to dump you a stock T Mobile recovery. :)
  12. dandiele

    dandiele Active Member

    Scotty your awesome :five: I thought that's what I had downloaded haha. Oops.
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  13. dandiele

    dandiele Active Member

    So, I just thought of something while I was sitting at work reading your post. My wife has an HTC one also and she is keeping hers....How would I go about dumping her recovery without rooting and unlocking her device if its possible. Then I could get the stock recovery my self and not have to wait for it because I would really like to send this phone back to t-mobile today for exchange for a different phone altogether cause i'm within their buyers remorse period.

    EDIT: Hey hey wait a minute, is this the stuff im looking for?!

    http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2276446 Pending the answer, boy I feel like a dummy. I saw it say not easily flashable and just kind of dismissed it.

    And I think I answered my own question sort of about that nandroid last night having TWRP not the stock recovery, The recovery on that nandroid was about 16mb. The Stock recovery listed above is about 9mb....
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  14. dandiele

    dandiele Active Member

    Im so stressed, Im going through all of this because I want to exchange my One for the S4. I have had the s3 and then the note 2 and when I switched carriers to t-mobile I just had to have this HTC one but I really dont like it. I dont like sense though ......I am going back and forth back and forth. Its making me dizzy, some days I have a change of heart and want to keep the One, other days The things I dislike rear their ugly face and I can't wait to ditch this phone.

    OMG I know this is so off topic but oh man its driving me nuts.
  15. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    sorry for the late response. :eek:

    yes,that looks to be indeed just what you need. im downloading that,and your nandroid currently. im pretty sure we will find it to conain a twrp recovery image.

    in order for someone to make a nandroid that contained a stock recovery,they would have had to launch the custom recovery into phone memory wirthout flashing it(fastboot boot recovery.img). otherwise,twrp is whats in the recovery partition,and thus,what gets backed up.

    if your home,and have access to the image from download,check its md5. youll prolly find it to be 3c568f1b53aaae266b75f6649d0372ab :eek:

    this,with the stock nandroid,should fix you up,and may even get rid of the "tampered" badge once you relock and do a factory reset in hboot :)

    i personally would keep the one.but then,my opinion may be biased ;)
  16. dandiele

    dandiele Active Member

    so actually the MD5 of the recovery I flashed is 6541BDD8BE25B4B62F95441B0E82BA6E

    It doesnt match the one you pasted..not sure whats up with that.

    And about keeping the one, oh god, its such a hard choice, to me the metal isnt that important cause I have had 6 (I think) android phones and never dropped or broken any of them. but I am having such a hard time getting used to sense. even though I enjoy using custom Roms I just feel like if I dont get the s4 I wont know what im missing, maybe im not missing anything but ive loved the last 2 samsung phones ive had alot. They have been great for me and my s3 I waited like 6 months before I even rooted it or anything cause I liked it so much more then my bionic. Even though the One is a better phone hardware wise, and possibly software wise. I have just loved samsung phones and I imagine id love the s4. Heck id get another note 2 if I didn't want the latest and greatest haha. :) I value your (possibly biased) opinion though lol I agree the HTC one is a wonderful phone but it just annoys me all the little quirks.
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  17. dandiele

    dandiele Active Member

    So I flashed the stock recovery image, about how long does it normally take to boot into stock recovery to verify....Its been a few minutes and sitting and entering recovery in purple writing at the top with the development purposes only writing in red at the bottom.
  18. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    it mAY just be that its an older version of twrp. that md5 doesnt match any i have :eek: CW,CW touch,even the will wheaton CW! lol

    have you played with the s4 in a store? if not that may help.

    i have always bought htc for the hardware.i pretty typically run cm,as i dont care much for any UI that the mfgr likes to throw on. its only been recently that sense has grown on me(i think sense 4 has a certain elegance) tho admitedly im not a fan of sense 5.

    the ones display is vabrant. the sound with dual spealers,beats and boomsound is amazing. you could aways run cm 10.1 on it ;) development on that looks to me moving right along! :D
  19. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    should be fairly quick. when you get to it,it typically looks like a triange and !. youll have to hold vol up + power to get a menu.

    try rebooting,then booting back to it.
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  20. dandiele

    dandiele Active Member

    Yes I do love boomsound, so, Im still sitting at entering recovery.....what am i missing?
    I booted the phone normally, and then back to hboot and tried a factory rest. its just sitting at entering recovery....dang it
  21. dandiele

    dandiele Active Member

    can i enter stock recovery while im unlocked or do i need to relock before I can enter stock recovery?
  22. dandiele

    dandiele Active Member

    well, now I cant get it out of what its trying to do. I hold power and the bottom buttons flash and i held for 30 seconds nothing, I hold volume down and power same thing, When I tried to boot recovery I was able to get out of it with holding power but this time I tried to do factory reset and now cant seem to get out of it......grrrr im lost.

    Sorry, I plugged it into USB and held power and its booting normally, I jumped the gun...
  23. dandiele

    dandiele Active Member

    Ok scotty, now I dont know what to try. I cannot get into stock recovery no matter what I try so I figured id relock the bootloader, that went fine so I boot back into hboot and now i get the tampered relocked AND security warning, It didnt say security warning until I relocked......I am so lost right now. any ideas what in the world im doing wrong?

    Also instead of saying JUST fastboot it says FASTBOOT USB I think this is different...
  24. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    well,it sounds like it does not like that image :eek: you have restored the backup allready,correct? so the software is stock t mobile?

    did the md5 of your download match the one listed?

    reunlock the bootloader with your original token(if its gone,you can get a new one)

    try this recovery,and see if you get any different results. http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2158763

    edit: you shouldnt need to be relocked to ented the stock recovery,so id prolly stay unlocked until you get it. :)
  25. dandiele

    dandiele Active Member

    hmmm never though about the image being the issue, I have my token, ill unlock it quick and try, sorry for the rapid fire posts. I am just trying anything I can think of to get this done so I can ship it out tomorrow, thanks so much!!

    And sorry i didnt answer the other questions, Yep I am stock tmobile. bloat and all. I restored my nandroid from when I had TWRP. I am now unlocked again, let me try this new recovery.

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