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[T-Mobile] HTC One roms

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  1. Altaone

    Altaone Well-Known Member


    A bunch of the roms I am looking at for the One seem to be firmware specific. or they have a software version number in the name.

    Question : Does that mean that is the software version it works on.

    Question : I am thinking of doing google play edition because I was reading last night that if I do that I can get OTA's from google instead of t-mobile. am I correct or misguided again?

    Question : If version number included in rom name == x.xx.401. does that mean I should not flash it onto a tmobile device == x.xx.531. ?

  2. scotty85

    scotty85 Guides Guide

    hope that helps :)
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  3. Altaone

    Altaone Well-Known Member

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