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[T-Mobile] In Need Of Stock S4 Mms.apk please

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  1. Cory18

    Cory18 Active Member

    I accidentally deleted the mms apk while being curious and trying stuff that I wasnt to sure about whoops. Would anybody be able to help me out and post the stock SGS4 Mms.apk :)

  2. Mark112887

    Mark112887 Well-Known Member

    Try this,

    I have backed up the apk file from my phone using titanium backup. See if you can install it as you would a normal application


    If you can't, download the files I uploaded at the link below and unzip them only once then place the four files that you extract into the backup folder that titanium users on your device after you do that you should be able to go into your list of applications and titanium should recognize that you have a backup of your MMS app and you should be able to restore it.


    I hope that helps, if not, feel free to contact me and let me know and I will try to help you out
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  3. Cory18

    Cory18 Active Member

    Thanks it worked and now I can send mms again. I'm definitely gonna save that back up though. Lol
  4. instasllim

    instasllim Member

    Same issue but I can't get mine to install, what am I doing wrong?
  5. instasllim

    instasllim Member


    I have placed the file in the system/app folder but it won't install permission 667
  6. Cyberdev

    Cyberdev VIP Member VIP Member

    What version of mms apk you have I have a backup of mms v4.3, v4.4.2 and v4.4.4 stock?

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