[T-Mobile] Kit-Kat Unofficial CM 11 finally here!

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  1. lordodin912

    lordodin912 Well-Known Member

  2. lordodin912

    lordodin912 Well-Known Member

    Now on build #4 11-14-13
  3. lordodin912

    lordodin912 Well-Known Member


    * Fixed DL linkx (my build server is no more if anyone somehow has access to one for work or something it would and wants to share PM me. I lost my other one due to lack of funds...
    * IR Blaster works
    * Other things i cant remember due to the whole server mess

    * sdcard issues should be fully fixed now
    * Fixed proximity sensor
    * Upstream updates by CM
    * I feel like I'm forgetting a couple other things as well

    * Fixed odd issues with sdcard mounting
    * Build optimizations that got removed during the 4.4 merge are back now
    * A whole bunch of updates by cm to frameworks, as well as media and display drivers
    * Lots of bluetooth updates, and more that I'm forgetting, but a lot of bugs you guys mentioned were squashed

    * Fixed Camera
    * Fixed Home button not bringing up recent apps
    * Upstream: display-caf repo synced with CAF
    * Upstream: media-caf repo synced with CAF
    * Cherry-Pick: frameworks/av: Squashed commit of media features from CAF (Gerrit Code Review)
    * Cherry-Pick: Dialer: Update icons to KitKat
    * Cherry-Pick: Telephony: Update icons to KitKat
    * Added ramdisk modifications for ChronicKernel so CPU can be OC'd now etc just like standalone kernel
    * Probably other upstream fixes and changes

    Nov-10 inital build
    * very initial build....camera is broken for now...i'm going to sleep its 6am :p
  4. caloyzki

    caloyzki Well-Known Member

    it wont install my apps using titanium backup. always saying restoring 0% lol.
  5. lordodin912

    lordodin912 Well-Known Member

    I didn't have any issues restoring apps the other day. Haven't tried to new build yet. You could try android assistant or other backup/restore tools.
  6. lordodin912

    lordodin912 Well-Known Member

    * Fixed some GPS issues
    * Fixed incorrect battery stats (upstream)
    * Cherry-pick: A few misc audio fixes to try and fix skipping playback of flac audio
    * Cherry-pick: Superuser while using ART should be fixed now
    * Cherry-pick: av : squashed update of changes from CAF
    * Cherry-pick: Lockscreen : Customizable shortcuts
    * Cherry-pick: QuickSettings : Port from cm-10.2 (WIP)
    * Cherry-pick: QuickSettings : Swipe to switch
    * Cherry-pick: Framework : Improve notification shade auto-collapse code
    * Cherry-pick: Framework : Make notification-shade-collapse-after-dismiss behaviour configurable
    * Cherry-pick: QuickSettings: Update all QS drawables to fit KitKat
    * Kernel: msm: vidc: Initialize kernel space stack variables (upstream)
    * Any other upstream changes since the last build

    NOTE: all changes labeled "Cherry-Pick" are patches from gerrit
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  7. lmario346

    lmario346 Well-Known Member

    Does it work with metropcs phones I have a sgh-m919n

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