[T-Mobile] looking for GS3 tmobile bloatware list!!!

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  1. aricyohh69

    aricyohh69 New Member

    im having trouble finding the bloatware list for the GS3 for T-mobile all i keep finding is the bloatware list for Verizon or At&t .... :mad:

  2. rcsrich

    rcsrich Well-Known Member

    Um, like most of the apps on the phone... ;)

    Seriously tho, haven't run across one for the T-Mo GS3 but then, I haven't looked. Have you check over on the XDA forum?
  3. aricyohh69

    aricyohh69 New Member

    yea most the apps on the phone... like the email app not Gmail,zygna games app and etc

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