T-Mobile/Metro Talks

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  1. VeNoMzRevenge

    VeNoMzRevenge Well-Known Member

    No, this is a public merger. Who will come out on top as the controlling company is still unknown. It may be MetroPCS who will be survivor over T-Mobile I think, but that is opinion not fact.

    I don't see this as a bad move for either company, it means better deals for customers. I am also sure they may also just keep the customers separate, again just speculation.

    It could also mean a huge improvement in choice of phones. Not a dumb move for either company.

    But it is for sure these two guys are coming together Deutsche Telekom and MetroPCS agree on $1.5 billion T-Mobile merger (updated) -- Engadget
    This is the article confirming the rumors.

  2. Fuzzy13

    Fuzzy13 Well-Known Member

    T mobile doesn't use lte which is basically the woke point of the merge. Using their hspa or whatever it's called would be suicide for metro. My guess is that metro gets more coverage by using mite towers and larger lte data speeds. Thus making it very enticing fire Verizon, sprint and att users. We'll see
  3. Fuzzy13

    Fuzzy13 Well-Known Member

    Yeah why wouldn't it be?
  4. VeNoMzRevenge

    VeNoMzRevenge Well-Known Member

    LMAO i just reply to another thread on the same subject LOL.

  5. mrpnut

    mrpnut THE WORLD IS YOURS VIP Member

  6. miraflores77

    miraflores77 Well-Known Member

    Now I'm doubting if would be okay to buy the Galaxy S3.

    A linkup would be complicated by the fact that MetroPCS and T-Mobile USA use different network technologies. That means MetroPCS phones would not work on T-Mobile USA's network, and vice versa. However, both companies are deploying the same "fourth-generation" or "4G" technology, so they're on a path to harmonizing their networks
  7. mrpnut

    mrpnut THE WORLD IS YOURS VIP Member

    Buy the phone bro, they still have alot to do to get were they wanna be.
  8. Fuzzy13

    Fuzzy13 Well-Known Member

    Exactly. Thus is two extremely successful companies and they have thought about everything everyone is bringing up. Metro wouldn't go anything to jeopardize losing customers. We are not bound so we can walk at any time. Do yall really think they would do something to piss the customers off? Hell no.

    Point being, they are not going to sell you a 500 dollar phone only for it to be useless on their network a year later. That's dumb. I personally will be the first one to snatch it up at my store.
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    SIKESR Active Member

  10. Jeyd02

    Jeyd02 Well-Known Member

    I posted in the other thread but here is it.

    what does this mean ? Well Metro is going into the same path by moving to VoLTE and dumping unneeded CDMA network while T-Mobile is converting from the GSM frequencies to eventually 4G, while sharing coverage and spectrum. That sounds good..

    Now I wanna know a about service plans ...
  11. Gomez025

    Gomez025 Well-Known Member

  12. SIKESR

    SIKESR Active Member

    If they(metro/tmobile) decide to screw up & start that BS. I'll just follow fuzzy out of the company & into another with straight talk. lol. And use my sgs3 as a phablet on mickey d's or starbucks free wi-fi. Haha. Damn I'm ghetto like that. Hah
  13. eric181991

    eric181991 Well-Known Member

    T-Mobile and Metropcs merged together what does this mean for us?
  14. bluesuga

    bluesuga Well-Known Member

    I used to be with t-mobile since it was voice stream and i finally left last year for metro.
    I guess i just cant get away from them no matter how hard i try.
  15. Fuzzy13

    Fuzzy13 Well-Known Member

    The more and more i read comments from people on articles the more and more it looks like metro users are going to get screwed. Most of what I've seen is that t mobile wants the spectrum and could possibly case less about losing metro customers. Also, saying that t mobile will do what happened to Alltel users and give them 6 months to swap their device out and then shut down cdma. Saying if you want to retain pre paid service you can choose a mid to low end device and if you want a high end device then you'll have to contract.

    This is talk but I've seen it several times.

    The thought of buying an s3 out right and going to straight talk now seems very likely. Very very likely.

    Basically I'm going against everything i said earlier.
  16. Gomez025

    Gomez025 Well-Known Member

    I don't blame you man I'd do that too shoot we paid good money for it lol but this is definitely a merger that won't fully seal the deal till next year around spring. But at this rate, from my experience metro hasn't screwed me on anything and I don't think they will, maybe Tmobile...Idk about those guys.
  17. trigger1074

    trigger1074 Well-Known Member

    I heard something about 20x20 Spectrum, something Metro greatly need...this is a win

    Tmo got 2 billion worth of spectrum in the AT&T thing. It was going to use that for its LTE network next year. Metro has the infrastructure they can use. I dont think its bad for Metro customers
  18. quechon

    quechon Well-Known Member

    Maybe means we have to pay more money
  19. SIKESR

    SIKESR Active Member

    If I read the article correctly, it said that the NEW tmoblie board members was going to be run by tmobile execs. So fuzz might have a point, the company will be a stiff competitor for tmoblie but wont give a rats a** about the metro customers. Especially with this merger tmobile will have a nice spectrum foundation to invite mvno's & make more cash I guess.
  20. SIKESR

    SIKESR Active Member

    Hahahahahaha, f'd up but its funny. Sounds like you need a spiritual cleansing. Lol
  21. PlayfulGod

    PlayfulGod Well-Known Member Developer

    or I will have to pay less one, lol.

    I think this will be a good merger, but only time will tell.

    Metro at least should start getting a better choice of phones. ;)
  22. fdbryant3

    fdbryant3 Well-Known Member

    Heh - not sure if I'm making the jump to Ting at the right time or not. However I wouldn't worry about buying the GS3 right now. It is going to be at least 2 years before they are in a position to fully shut down the CDMA network, by that time there will be 2 generations of new hotness to lust after and reason to buy it.
  23. xstation

    xstation Well-Known Member

    yup by that time the s5 should be out with flexible amoled screen technology

  24. mike28

    mike28 Well-Known Member

    Well guys if the s3 will be upgraded to volte than why worry about cdma in two years
  25. elbayames

    elbayames Well-Known Member

    yes me too i'm going to wait and see

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