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T-mobile mms issuesGeneral

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  1. darksiede

    darksiede Member

    I just got my N4 swapped over to ST's T-mobile service, and cannot get text messaging to fully work. Everything else seems fine, but I am only able to send texts, and cannot receive.

    My current apn setup is:
    apn: wap.tracfone
    port: 8080
    mmsc: http://mms.tracfone.com

    those are all setup as per: Support | Straight Talk on the t-mobile compatible tab, smartphone settings.

    Can anyone help me? ST is backed up for hours when I tried calling tech support :(


  2. darksiede

    darksiede Member

    Disregard, I had to call ST and have them manually complete the transfer to my nexus... Their website speed after partially transferring my service..

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