T-Mobile Move (ALCATEL OT-908)

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  1. briannzys

    briannzys New Member

    I don't really know what's the problem. My droid blacked out for the first time a few hour ago. When i clicked on the power button the screen went black, as it should have. And then when i clicked on the home or the power button the screen was still black, but the buttons were lighted. After a minute or more of holding the power button and releasing it, and repeating the process, it lights up. But it also lags. I was using Opera when it happened for the first time. And when it turns off (automaticlly after a short period of time, not the same as the phone turning off (with the android logo and everything)), i have to repeat the same process over and over again until the screen lights up. I haven't tried a total reset yet. Other than that the phone is still under warranty and is a year old.
    EDIT: Oh and when i tried to go to safe mode, the screen was still blacking out for some apparent reason.
    EDIT 2: I've just done a full reset, and i have no idea if this is going to fix it. Will be back with more info.
    EDIT 3: There was a long boot up.. I'm configuring my phone just as of now.
    EDIT 4: Yay, it fixed it :) I think the problem was in too much RAM usage. I had 10 tabs open.

  2. briannzys

    briannzys New Member

    Well this can probably come in handy for some people..
  3. too junk

    too junk New Member

    How did you manage to hard reset? The vol up + on did not work for me... By the way, I'm having the exact same problem...

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