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T-Mobile Pulse white battery cover?Tips

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  1. gardnjos

    gardnjos New Member

    Hi there

    I recently bought my t-mobile pulse in the UK, but it didnt come with a white battery cover as i thought it would do. Please could someone if they have a white cover, and do not use it, could i possible have one??? I desperatly want one, and will do anything for one!!!! :D
    Thanks everyone! :)

  2. ZXRichie

    ZXRichie Active Member

    Hi Mate
    What gave you the impression it would come with a white battery cover?

  3. gardnjos

    gardnjos New Member

    because look at the t-mobile German website:

    Google Translate

    why should the same phone be different in europe?

    Do you have a white cover? :D

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