[T-Mobile] Python problems when running a certain application

  1. austinyork1

    austinyork1 New Member

    Hi all! First post to androidforums, hoping for some assistance with an app that ran fine on stock, now not running on OmniROM. The application is Katawa Shoujo Ver5, the 334MB Monolithic release. I logcatted it down to an error that basically tells me that it cannot open _imaging.so and _sqlite3.so. It proceeds to fail the graphics test before the main menu and then crashes. I researched and found that these libraries belonged to a whole laundry list of 32bit libraries that my python 2.7 does not have. So, I have to figure out how to either add these libs manually or import them into python, how would I go about fixing the issue??

    Device: SGH-T999L (T-Mobile)
    ROM: OmniROM 4.4.4
    Kernel: BMS (Not sure of exact, my phone is dead atm, sorry!) Will Update if needed when I get home
    Linux Version: 3.4.y


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