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[T-Mobile] ROM manager?

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  1. trippwojohn

    trippwojohn New Member

    I spent nearly a day getting my S4 rooted, due to random conflicting instructions on how to do it. I finally got it done. Now I have spent the better part of the day trying to figure out how to flash another ROM onto my device, for many of the same reasons. It took FOREVER to figure out how to flash CWM onto my device, since the newer CWM files are .img files, and Odin doesn't like them for some reason. I eventually stumbled upon a reference to "ROM Manager", a device I have been carting around, device to device, but never really used. It took about 15 seconds to flash CWM with it. I did notice, though, that Rom Manager seems to have the capability to flash ROMs, as well. Has anyone used this in this capacity? Successes, failures? I would welcome any and all input before I attempt to try his, and NOT make my phone a brick. Thanks in advance!

  2. gbiggie

    gbiggie La patience et le pardon VIP Member

    Hi trippwojohn & welcome to AF:)
    The best way to change ROMs is to do it "old school" not from an app IMO.
    It helps one learn the do's & don't the hard way if direction is not followed. It is the way I have learned through trial & error for sure.
    Let me know and I will walk you through your options.
    Congrats on rooting-haven't had the time here....YET(this weekend)!
  3. elfy23

    elfy23 Well-Known Member

    I'm planning on rooting my phone this weekend. What method did you use to root?
  4. Gfv355

    Gfv355 Member


    Thats the root guide i used, it was very straight foreward and simple. I had to use the battery pull method to get the recovery to stick.

    As for using rom manager to flash roms im going to recommend against it. I almost bricked my htc one s that way. Using the custom recovery is super easy to flash roms. Like always the first thing you should do after your custom recovery is do a nandroid backup. If you dont know what that is im sure there is thousands of threads on that single topic
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  5. PotMonster

    PotMonster Well-Known Member

    You don't need ROM mgr. You could've flashed recovery-clockwork-touch- with odin.
  6. jhawkkw

    jhawkkw Chinchillin' Moderator

    The only thing Rom Manager is good for is flashing cwm recovery from the phone directly once rooted in case for what ever reason it's not on the phone (like wanting to change from another custom recovery). Flashing roms in Rom Manager often leads to problems flashing and or booting due to a variety of reasons depending on the device.
  7. Robot916

    Robot916 New Member

    I'm Still Having a bit of trouble rooting my SGH-M919 T-Mobile Galaxy S4, is the Root still working? what Method is working? what process that is working do you recommend me using? thank you
  8. lalec

    lalec Member

    At least 3 methods are working but the easiest is CF-Auto-Root and that one works for unrooting too (when used with TriangleAway). I have personally used TWRP, CWM and CF-Auto-Root (on the post May 7 OTA UVUAMDL) and they all work well. If you aren't planning to install custom ROMs but only want to run apps that require root (e.g., Titanium Backup), you should consider the CF download because it is is noob friendly; it already includes Odin with the correct options pre-selected.
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  9. Atma

    Atma Well-Known Member

    Hi Robot :hello: Welcome to AF.

    Like Lalec said, CF-Auto_root works. See the second post for instructions.

    Or use Odin and install TWRP.
  10. DroidFaller

    DroidFaller Well-Known Member

    Once you get cwm I just want to say I love TWRP recovery so much more. Simpler. Has a file manager. Compressed nandroids. Harder to accidently restore or backup or flash something because of its slide to accept. You can flash it through cwm very easily. Just my opinion tho.

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