[T-Mobile] rooted galaxy s4 wont connect to pc

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  1. jpaynethemayne

    jpaynethemayne New Member

    rooted using twrp and su. now phone wont connect to pc. i cant connect to odin to install stock because it doesnt detect the phone at all! any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

  2. Atma

    Atma Well-Known Member

    Do you have USB debugging checked in developer options?

    Try removing and reinstalling drivers or install Kies and let it install driver.
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  3. jpaynethemayne

    jpaynethemayne New Member

    Got it! Thanks
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  4. lazlingab

    lazlingab New Member

  5. lpagan

    lpagan Member

    I have the same problem pc Doesn't see my S4, and I do have usb debuging turned on.
  6. lalec

    lalec Member

    Make sure you are using a good usb cable.
  7. jj14x

    jj14x Guides Guide

    ^^^^ That. (and try a different USB port on the computer - on a desktop, try to use the ports on the back of the motherboard)
    Also, check to see if you have the Samsung USB drivers installed.

    I don't think USB debugging is required to connect phone to PC (I've used Odin, and have transferred files using regular explorer and never had USB debugging enabled)
  8. alextop30

    alextop30 Well-Known Member

    I ran into a similar problem when my SD card was acting up. If your SD cannot mount the phone will not actually connect to the computer. The way to find out if this is the problem is easy, just remove your SD and try the computer and see if it works!
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