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  1. I accidentally formatted my HTC one 4.1.2... And now when I plug it with usb to computer it shows as portable device so I can't even recover the data as any recovery software I try they can't seem to find the drive as it's just portable drive... They also have removed the option to mount it as a storage device. Please suggest me something

  2. girolez

    girolez Often Off Piste Guide

    Hi and welcome

    Depending on the type of format, you may have lost your data. Your contacts should be saved by google unless you changed the default settings.

    I suggest downloading "eshare" from google play and setting your phone as an ftp server. You can then log onto your phone with your browser on your pc (using wifi) and look at and transfer files both ways. This is easier than most other methods.

    Secondly I would register on the androidforum site and subscribe to the HTC One forum and ask the question there again. If you register you will be able to have 2 way discussions with the people helping you.

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  3. rishh

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    Thank you for a quick reply.. I will definitely try share but just wanted to know that can't we use anyways the mount storage feature or enable it anyhow on this phone...coz it happened in the past when I had Samsung s2..I could make it storage device and ran recovery on it and it got all the data back...thank you again
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  4. girolez

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    Hi again

    The inability to mount as external storage is an android "feature" new in versions 4 upwards. Its not HTCs fault.

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  5. clsA

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    If You formatted the Device what are you trying to recover ? Is the bootloader unlocked with custom recovery installed ? Rooted? How did you format the device ?
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  6. Hadron

    Hadron Well-Known Member Contributor

    File recovery software is presumably intended for use with locally mounted storage devices (either internal or over USB). I doubt it will work across the MTP interface that Android 4.1 uses.

    As clsA says, please tell us everything you can about your device, its software and what you did (i.e. what you formatted an how)? The device will be recoverable (if it needs recovering), but the data may be more difficult.
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