[T-Mobile] Still running blazed galaxy Rom!!

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  1. willdo

    willdo Well-Known Member

    Hello out there just gotta say again that galaxy blazed roms are the best!!! Been running blazed galaxy roms now for about a month and i must say both roms are great the touch wiz and google edition. These Roms are very reliable i have not had one crash one me yet and doesnt appear that they will very very reliable roms !!! Not sure which one i like the most but i run both. they run a very low ram percent they both run at about 35-45% full at all times this is great because it leaves a bunch of ram for me to play on my phone with no lag, no waiting just really smooth really fast actions.Dont know how the dev does it but litterly almost no back ground processes going on that slow down the phone!!! It really is the smoothest roms i have used!! So if your still out looking for a very reliable, smooth, fast roms that will not give you problems.Then look no farther because galaxy blazed roms is the rom for you!!! !!!!!!GREAT WORK xXCHRIZHURTYXx THANKS A BUNCH FOR YOUR HARD WORK AND FAST RELIABLE HELP!!!!!!

  2. willdo

    willdo Well-Known Member

    And if you like the roms please dont forget the thanks button the dev works hard for all of us!!!

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