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    Aug 9, 2012
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    So I've got this new phone (actually managed to hard brick my first one in 12 days and played dumb back at the T-Mobile store to get a new one) but this is my set-up as of now. Still having trouble understanding the whole over clocking and voltage settings deal though. Mine seems to run a little faster and get a lot hotter. Can anyone please help me better understand the power I may be wielding beneath my finger tips and how to best set it up? Thank you in advance!

    T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S3 SGH-T999

    ROM: Cyanogenmod 10 Experimental

    Modem: UVLI5 Leak (Flashed w/Team Sonic's Aroma Installer)

    Kernel: 3.0.43 - KT747 (Ktoonsez) O.C.'ed (Still new to all this so, overall bench score now is only 6850.)

    Recovery: Team Win Recovery Project v2.2.2.0 (Touch)

    Also, thanks to all the many AOSP and/or AOKP Dev's who devote their time/lives for the simple pleasure and enjoyment of our handheld devices, or as I refer to them as, "our electronic government cattle tags." MOO!


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