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[T-Mobile] Trouble flashing CWM 6 (Possibly SU permissions error)

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  1. celuur

    celuur New Member


    After a long night trying to google my way around the problems I'm having, I'm finding myself stuck. The ultimate goal: replace Samsung Touchstuff with CyanogenMod.

    Steps taken already:

    Flashed via ODIN ClockWorkMod Recovery Flashed a superuser zip based on instructions from a youtube video - ROOT_M919UVUAMDL - the advice being not to flash the generic file for other S4s. Root Checker is installed and green - confirms that root access is enabled.

    Downloaded ROM Manager - paid for the bloody thing too - which told me I was out of date by 6 versions. Went to Recovery Setup > Install or Update ClockworkMod > selected jfltetmo > pressed Flash ClockworkMod. It sits doing nothing, with a Downloading screen at 0% constantly, that just disappears when you click outside the box. Never asked for SU permissions.

    Scrolled down and clicked Fix Permissions trying to get it to force an SU request. It did, and I granted. But then it gives me the error: "An error occurred while attempting to run privileged commands!" which would normally mean I'm not rooting, though the SU app indicates in the log that privileges were granted.

    I tried to find instructions on flashing the new version of CWM manually, but they all talk about using ODIN and a zip file, and the website only provides .img files, and not knowing nearly enough I don't want to risk it. Any suggestions or advice would be incredibly helpful and appreciated!

  2. dcap0187

    dcap0187 Well-Known Member

    sounds like your using the oudhs based clockworkmod. what version of superuser do you have? if you install SuperSU by chainfire (if your not already using this verion) i would do a "full unroot" then reroot the phone using "cf auto root" which would give you stock recovery and root. then try to install clockworkmod through rom manager.
  3. celuur

    celuur New Member

    I'm using Superuser by Koush, the guide I used said to avoid using SuperSU on the tmobile version add it caused problems. At this point should I manually install cwm over the oudhs version (which sounds familiar so I believe I'm using that), and if so how would I do that with the img file? And should I replace the superuser binaries?
  4. dcap0187

    dcap0187 Well-Known Member

    i dont know why supersu would be an issue. if you install supersu with your version of superuser it will remove your existing and you can do the process i mentioned above. the cf auto root was made for the t-mobile. i used it on my metro s4 no issues. what guide are you following?
  5. dcap0187

    dcap0187 Well-Known Member

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