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    I know that T-Mobile's G3 requires a data plan to activate and access most functions of the phone. Is it the same with their new "My Touch" phone as well? Do I have to have a data plan to activate and access its functions, or can I just pop in my T-Mobile sim card and have it work?

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    you need the data plan. it will recognize the phone and add it automatically

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    No! you don't have to have a data plan. I have been with Tmobile for a while and no longer under contract, and I wanted to continue w/o contract. I bought a new myTouch on Ebay and when it arrived, I inserted the sim card from my old phone. It worked and I had free data for about the first hour, letting me set up the phone. I can still do everything with a wifi connection and no data plan. I can also add the $25 data plan one month and cancel it the next if I want. I even got the over the air update to 1.6 the first night I had the phone.

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