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  1. jerry7297

    jerry7297 New Member

    OK just got a t301. Firmware version - Eclair, Kernal version - 2.6.29ge904bc9c-git #5.

    Can someone lead me in the right direction??? Can I put a custom ROM on this unit as of now? And what would be the steps???? Root then add ROM???

    All help is greatly appreciated. Thank you :confused:

  2. jerry7297

    jerry7297 New Member

  3. jerry7297

    jerry7297 New Member

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  4. zerogravity107

    zerogravity107 New Member

    Thanks for your own responses (just ordered one for my mom), however, I wouldn't assume many people are going to reply quickly, if ever.

    Just check this forum: Most recent post prior to your own, July 1st, then several in May.

    Cheers brother.
  5. ChudleyOne

    ChudleyOne Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the area. No noob hatred. Posts here are usually answered in 2-3 weeks since there is very little breaking news for the T301.

    Looks like you found the stuff mentioned in the Root sections for this tablet so you're as current as you can be.

    Good luck.
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