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  1. oldhacker

    oldhacker New Member

    I've owned a t103 and t408 and they were both not bad devices. Velocity are not necessarily the zippiest of the tablets but as general purpose readers they are quite good. My experience with the t510 has not been the same though. A lot of the apps on this newer model are buggy or just plain don't work. A very basic app like the Astro file manager is buggy as heck. I understand that VM are working on apps like Netflix and the like to get them to work but when basic fundamental apps don't work that is a huge no no. Considering this tablet is 200+ USD (for the money you can get some tablets that now far outperform this one) I expect some basic functionality. This is a huge failure on VM's part. If you are going to buy a Cruz, try to get a discounted t408 for the time being. Until they iron out all the issues with the 500 series and lower the price my admonition to you is to stay away from it. Basic quality control has not been done with this series.

  2. imnotmikal

    imnotmikal Well-Known Member Developer

    Many T510s have passed through my hands since we released them and I personally know that this is not true about the series as a whole. I recommend returning yours and getting a replacement.
  3. oldhacker

    oldhacker New Member

    Oh really! I needed to purchase root explorer just to do basic file operations because astro manager kept squawking about file permissions with practically everything I did (move, rename, copy, etc) Also, the Cruz doesn't allow uninstalling certain default apps. If it doesn't work, I should be able to uninstall it. I have a generic 7 inch tablet with the same apps and ICS and they work fine. Granted, there are some apps like Netflix that are having general issues not specific to the T510 but some of these basic apps should just work out of the box. (This T510 was purchased very recently I might add) This is shoddy quality control, pure and simple! And it's not a competitive device at its price point any longer. (250 USD and 300 USD from Radioshack!) And no Google market! C'mon! VM, if you are listening, get your act together and quick, otherwise you are going to become irrelevant very quickly in the tablet market.
  4. fastllc

    fastllc New Member

    The comments by old hacker are absolutely right on. I have returned my Cruz T510 to Velocity twice for repairs because the unit will not tether to my PC and many common apps just fail to work correctly. I requested the second time that the unit be replaced and after 12 days got the old one back and it still is not at all working correctly. I got the following email from Velocity and it says it all!

    >>>>>>I am David Taylor, supervisor of the Cruz tech support call-center and administrator of warranty services. I personally worked on your device when it was last here. I updated it to our latest version of ICS (Android 4.0.4), tested it's video and audio playback, tested the Wi-Fi, storage, tethering, and various pre-installed apps. All functioned normally. I tethered your tablet on more than one PC and had no difficulty at all. I did not test Kayak or GasBuddy because I am familiar enough with these apps to know that they both rely rather heavily on Fine Location Services. Since this tablet is not equipped with a GPS device, these and any other apps that rely on Fine Location Services will not function as intended. I did install and test SuperBox, not being familiar with it at all, and found that it was not designed for ICS, but for a phone display. ICS tried to manage the app display in compatibility view, but the app seized up the tablet and forced a battery reset. This tablet will not run some older apps without error because they are not designed for use on a newer operating system. This tablet will not run all newer apps as designed because it lacks certain hardware or software (ie: GPS, Bluetooth, 3/4G, discreet GPU, DLNA, stereo speakers, LED flash, physical keyboard, D-Pad, digital compass, gyroscope, proximity sensors, near field communication, light sensors, charging LED, various multimedia codecs, drivers, etc.). As it pertains to apps, we do not warranty that the device will operate without interruption or error.
    I understand you think this tablet is defective and desire a replacement. I disagree. If the tablet behaves normally here, and doesn't at your location, I believe if we were to replace the tablet, you would have the same experience as with this tablet. Therefore, my staff have been instructed not to RMA the tablet again unless there is a legitimate reason for RMA (ie; a manufacter's defect in the hardware). If you have any questions, please let me know.
    David Taylor, Cruz Team<<<<

    Flat out refuse to accept that a customer is not happy with a product and will not replace it. The software DOES NOT fix the problems with rotation and screen going wacky. The T510 is a very poor product and is just a cheap version of the Eken A90 available from China suppliers for about $140. I purchased the T510 from Velocity because I wanted to make sure I had support if it was not to my liking. Now Velocity says they will not support the thing and refuse to replace it with another. They say (at least I read the above to say) that they are all poorly made and do not operate well.
  5. mkaster

    mkaster New Member

    I registered for the forums just so I can put my 2 cents out there about this specific model and the experiences I have had with it.

    So far, I have had my T510 replaced twice, and now I'm on my third and require a replacement ONCE AGAIN for the SAME EXACT REASON! Wanna know what that reason is? Of course you do. The reason is, the back light DIED COMPLETELY on WAY TOO MANY OF THESE DEVICES! The first one died on me in a week, the second died on me in 2 months, the third died on me in 2 weeks, I am waiting on an email from velocity to see if they will replace it because radioshack refuses to now!

    Ontop of that, Pretty much every app I've installed crashes for no reason. It has 1GB RAM? So what!? You can never load enough apps to fill half the ram because they crash before then! A LOT of apps also just don't run or work at all. I can't even use skype and that was one of the reasons I purchased a tablet!

    There is no google play at all, even if you install it, it won't run. So you have to find the APK files of whatever you want to install from the google play store if it isn't in amazon and most of the time the apps you install won;t run or crash soon after loading anyways!

    If you see this message before purchasing one of these, please do yourself a favor and just don't do it. I'd go back to palm pilots before I'd buy another one of these pieces of shit!

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