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  1. tonloc_45371

    tonloc_45371 Active Member

    Is there an app out there that will allow you to modify the vertical keyboard to text using the normal T9 mode for texting?

    Note: I did search before posting and came up empty handed so dont bash me if this has been asked before.

  2. Redflea

    Redflea Well-Known Member

    I think Handcent text app has a T9 keyboard option.

    If you're rooted, look in the All Things Root section for the HTC keyboard thread...provides the best keyboard available on the Droid, aside from, IMHO, the Swype keyboard (which is not T9).
  3. tonloc_45371

    tonloc_45371 Active Member

    Redflea, Thanks for the reply. I thought I had seen the T9 in my handcent as well. For some odd reason I cannot find it anywhere.
  4. phaze3131

    phaze3131 Well-Known Member

    the answer you seek is Even Better Keyboard
  5. bigdroid

    bigdroid Well-Known Member

    I use Evenbetter keyboard!
  6. messenger13

    messenger13 Well-Known Member

    If you're totally convinced that T9 is the be all / end all, you can ignore this post. But SWYPE is thee way to type on a virtual keyboard. Amazing!

    SWYPE for Android
  7. bobarcher

    bobarcher Active Member

    couldn't find it in the Marketplace
  8. nap1997

    nap1997 Member

    Swype isn't in the marketplace, it hasn't been fully released yet. I have tried just about every keyboard out there... for T9 I prefer the HTC_IME hi-res version. Although landscape hasn't been quite ironed out, the portrait works great....
  9. rogue_slc_vzw_rep

    rogue_slc_vzw_rep Well-Known Member

    handcent is your winner.. you go into the settings and change it to T9 there

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  10. JKaiz

    JKaiz Well-Known Member

    Swype is very easy to install and my favorite thing to use, and i loved t9. i think swype is just as fast if not faster once you get the hang of it. I think I am going to go ahead and install the HTC_IME hi-res but i believe you have to be rooted to do that?
  11. rogue_slc_vzw_rep

    rogue_slc_vzw_rep Well-Known Member

    you do not have to be rooted. just download the apk and install it. I'm typing this with v9 :)

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  12. tonloc_45371

    tonloc_45371 Active Member

    Where in the settings do you go? I have looked every where
  13. rogue_slc_vzw_rep

    rogue_slc_vzw_rep Well-Known Member

    on the bottom right of the keyboard theres the voice button. long press it and it pulls up more settings. its the first setting in those settings

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  14. tonloc_45371

    tonloc_45371 Active Member

    Rogue, I am not seeing the voice button on any of the keyboards. What is your set up for hancent? Do I need to be creating a text message.

    Thanks for the previous quick reply
  15. rogue_slc_vzw_rep

    rogue_slc_vzw_rep Well-Known Member

    gmail and tapatalk make it easy to respond quickly..

    the microphone is on the Eris keyboard... sorry I wasn't more specific. I suppose its in the settings on the keyboard itself. have you loaded it yet?

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  16. tonloc_45371

    tonloc_45371 Active Member

    Yes, I have handcent. I have looked everywhere. Cant find anything to change it.
  17. rogue_slc_vzw_rep

    rogue_slc_vzw_rep Well-Known Member

    I meant its on the keyboard so you need to load that first, whether it be on handcent or on droids native messaging app

    so in the end nothing to do with handcent lol..

    it is a great program though and worth a look

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  18. tman065

    tman065 Active Member

    Try searching for SlideIT Lite

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