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  1. Witterings

    Witterings Member

    I'd like to be able to use my Tab 2 7 to send BBC iplayer and Lovefilm \ Netflix to my TV and control it from the Tablet.
    I've been looking at the Samsung AllShare Cast Dongle and also the LG ST600 and have also spoken to Samsung Tech support and been given 2 totally different answers on 2 different occassions.
    Does anybody know if I can stream things like that to my TV and if so what will work with it, I know that the LG ST 600 already comes with BBC iplayer installed on it so could do it straight from that but the tablet has an awful lot more choice for things like lovefilm / netflix etc.
    Ideally I'd like to be able to plug it via HDMI into my AV system so I can also walk around with the Tab and stream music through my system.
    I would have posted links to the Cast Dongle and ST 600 but a a newbie I can't but they're easy to find if you google them.
    Any help much appreciated!

  2. Witterings

    Witterings Member

    Possibly me answering my own question to a degree here, if you do connect to a WiFi TV / other DLNA enabled device, is that done via WiFi direct which can only connect to one thing at a time and disables your connection to the internet and hence why you can't download from say BBC iplayer at the same time because you internet connection to your router has gone ??
    I've found out how to send music to another device I can do it via bluetooth and that still leaves the internet connection but there doesn't seem that option on BBC iplayer.
  3. Witterings

    Witterings Member

    34 views and not one reply, (apart from my own) anybody any idea ??
  4. jwither

    jwither Well-Known Member

    Everything I've read stated the Tab 2 7.0 does not support HDMI out, with any cable. A DLNA streaming media device, or smart TV that supports it, would allow you to browse music or video files that you've saved to the device, via wifi. That process does not disable wifi on the Tab, but the media still has to be saved to the device.

    Because the Tab doesn't support DLNA natively, you'll need an app, like Doubletwist, running on the Tab.
  5. Witterings

    Witterings Member

    Thanks for the response much appreciated!

    Would have though if they're downloaded things you could just use Samsungs allshare which I can for music to my Netbook.

    I think it can be done using Bubble upnp which you have to have one on the android device and then I think one on the "server" side which I would imagine could probably be set up on the LG box I mentioned as it says it can be installed on a NAS device as well. Although I wonder if it's installed on the tablet maybe then it'll just see the LG box as a renderer as it's a DLNA device but not sure.

    If I now go into say BBC iplayer it now gives me the option to share via bubble upnp

    I managed to install between my tablet and Netbook and get it to work once but I'm not sure about some of the network settings and haven't managed to get it work again :-(

    I've posted the links here as I think it might be an idea to collate as much information here about it as possible as it's obviously not easy to do but I'm sure I'm not the only one that would find it useful if it can be done.

    Bubble for androids link

    Bubble for server link
    BubbleUPnP Server
  6. newrybhoy

    newrybhoy Member

    Kinda hi-jacking the thread, but is Catchup TV app compatible with this Tab?

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