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Tab 2 P 3100 PC connectivity problemSupport

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  1. bhappyharsha

    bhappyharsha Well-Known Member


    When I connect the cable to my Windows XP SP3 PC, it just says a camera is connected but I don't know how to copy files from/to the tablet. Kies does not detect any device when connected.

    I can connect wirelessly to Kies but it is very slow. It takes about 10 mins -15 mins to copy a 600 MB file.

    I also tried Windows 7 Enterprise edition but it's the same issue there as well. Any solution for this?

  2. ronydc

    ronydc New Member

    i m newly connected to this forum just today and now.
    seaing here forum is so poor with knowledge.. this man is in trouble since sept. 2012 but there is no one capable to give him solution since last long months .??
    so poor quality of people sems here . if no one can reply ok thats possible but atleast the moderator should be that capable with knowledge to resolve the issues here ..!! just people opning forums to earn money by advertizing.. and that also lacking bcs of the poor knowledge here... so shame of this kind of forums hey occupy valuable net space and give people false results here on net false hopes and wasting peoples time..!
    shame shame shame..
  3. kbbru

    kbbru Well-Known Member

    Some people really know how to make a great first impression... :rolleyes:

    Nobody has forced you to join this forum, so what's your problem?

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