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Tab 2 suddenly won't tetherSupport

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  1. Ginayashere

    Ginayashere Member

    Hey guys, I have a rooted galaxy s3 and a tab 2,which for the last couple of months have been in wifi tether heaven.
    Suddenly, my tab will see my phone, connect, but there is no data being passed.
    I've rebooted, tried it to tether the tab while in airplane mode, everything, but nothing works.
    It connects fine to regular wifi, and my friend's iphone was able to connect easily to my s3 network, so what has gone wrong?

    Thanx in advance...

  2. txrose72

    txrose72 Well-Known Member

    I suggest you disconnect (Forget is the term used by the tablet) the Wi-Fi connection for the S3 and reinstall.

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