Tab 3 10.1" LTE with Kit Kat release date?General

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  1. Duncan113

    Duncan113 Member

    Sorry if I've asked this before but I just did another search for an answer and ain't found nothin'. Even with my flawless grammar. Yes, me want to know the U.S. release date on AT&T Wireless for the Galaxy Tab 3 10.1" with LTE and running Kit Kat. If anyone knows anything, I'd be grateful, though not so grateful that I'd tell you the location of my secret stash of muffins.

  2. relic1138

    relic1138 Well-Known Member

    Ooooh, well Samsung will probably release 4.4.2 at the end of April, beginning May and then AT&T traditionally follows two to three months later, so no sooner than June.

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