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  1. WindEnergy7

    WindEnergy7 Active Member

    I have a Samsung Tab 3 10 that I use onsite installing wind and solar systems. I keep all my manuals, documents, settings and such on it.

    Anyway I have been trying to turn off the keyboard sounds since I got it. I find all kinds of help that I cannot ever find the same buttons, settings, when I go into my Samsung Tab 3. Everything I find online is for some other system version or something. I have all this turned off on all my other droid devices. BUT NOT THIS ONE.

    Its model #GT-P5210 Droid Version 4.2.2


  2. WindEnergy7

    WindEnergy7 Active Member

    OK, I FOUND IT. It's similar to others but just organized a bit different and thats why I couldn't find it.

    HOME > Settings > language and input, samsung keyboard, advanced, key-tap sound

    check off, go bach to home, viola
  3. WindEnergy7

    WindEnergy7 Active Member

    Hello, I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 that I use to contact my wind and solar customers and solar panel installers. I was trying to edit the contacts and change one to another group. I am used to using Gmail in a web browser and how that menu works. Im looking all in the menus and see no access to modify a WindEnergy7 contact from my Gmail account. What am I missing? Can't find the damn contacts.

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