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Tab Layout Landscape problem

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  1. RossTiger

    RossTiger Active Member

    I'm creating an app that has a tab layout style. I got it working fine vertically, and got the tab menu to work horizontally, but none of my pages appear when it's horizontal.

    There is an activity for each page and an activity for tab layout. Each page has a layout-land file which displays fine in the graphical interface, but when I load the app up and change the orientation, none of my landscape pages display.

    Edit: Added information, it seems everyone on the Initial Activity work, even the pop-up menu I have just added. It seems that it is purely the other views inside the TabHost framelayout that arn't displaying in landscape.

  2. RossTiger

    RossTiger Active Member


    One of those hit your head against the wall because of how stupid you are moments.

    I noticed on another page that was accidentally set to android: orientation="horizontal" that I could only have one textview per page as it push the other one right.

    All my alternate landscape layouts had android: orientation="horizontal" and I believe what happens is the tab layout took up the main screen and it push the other page view off to the right -.-

    Needless to say, after changing them all back to "vertical" everything worked fine.....now bring me a brick wall!

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