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  1. gregw5

    gregw5 New Member

    My old Iphone is dying and I need a new phone. So I was thinking I could get rid of a phone all together and get an android tablet from let's say Verizon with just a data plan only. Then use Google Voice as my phone (also using a bluetooth headset). Will this work? Anyone else doing this?


  2. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra= VIP Member

    Hello and welcome to the forums, gregw5.

    First of all let's get this question/thread out of the Applications area and to the Android Lounge where it'll be seen by more members who've made a change like you want to make.

    I guess I am curious how/why your iPhone is "dying," as you say. ;) But if you want an Android device, who cares! :D You're going the right direction.

    Using a tab as a phone is done by some tab users, and there are several alternative methods, including 3rd part apps which can be used over wifi or with a paid data plan with your carrier.

    Google Voice is utilized by Groove IP, for example:

    Make Free WiFi Calls From Android Phone Or Tablet With Groove IP | (hoping it's still around) and there are many others. :)
  3. NickanM

    NickanM Active Member

    I have a 7" that i use as both, and i really like it. I'm going to get a phone too now, but won't stop using my tab as cell anyway.
    My tab has both wifi and 3g (simcard) Since we live in an area prone to storms and severe snowing at wintertime which causes powerouts now and then, i still will be able to surf via the 3g net, which is invaluable in situations like mine. I Really recommend people to buy a pad with simcard ability, especially if you live more countryside like we do. Inbeatable to have your internet accessibility with you everywhere you go, instead of depending on wifi all the time.

    The minus you have to consider is that it's a bit clumsy when you're on the move, for example restaurants, movies and so on. It's impossible to put in your pocket, trust me. That is the reason why i'm getting a phone.

    If these reasons don't bother you, go ahead!

    Ps. Bluetooth works fine, you shouldn't have any problem with that. Ds.

    Just my 5 cents.... :eek:
  4. gregw5

    gregw5 New Member

    Sorry, this is all a little confusing to me, maybe just turning 50 this month doesn't help. I am looking at verizon because they have good cell service around here. You get a break on tablet price with a 2 year data plan, 5GB = $50 month. So I can surf the web, listen to Pandora, make and receive phone calls from the same tablet. If I'm somewhere with wifi I don't get into my data limit. It appears as though Google Voice could do this all by itself except it wants to ring another device, can it be the only device? Sorry if I'm a bit slow at all this.
  5. gregw5

    gregw5 New Member

    Physically how does that work for you? Is Google Voice running in the back ground all the time on your tab? Does it eat batteries? A call comes on, the tablet rings, can you answer it directly from a bluetooth or do you have to access it from the tab? I'm just trying to figure out the day to day workings of this set-up and if I'm willing to deal with it.
  6. NickanM

    NickanM Active Member

    I'm also senior 40+, so don't worry! :p

    I wonder what you mean with "only device "? to do what? or the only one with google voice in a 2 part call? ;)
  7. NickanM

    NickanM Active Member

    Actually i don't use google call, since my pad had the simcard slot, it also had an app for calling already installed that im happy with. Now i'm talking cellphone calls, not callings through the internet ok? i can answer with headset,and end calls too. Also by buttons or my screen, and i don't have to start any app , calls are always recived just like a cellphone as long as the tab is on.I can describe it like i have an ordinary cellphone and tablet in the same shell....

    I recommend you to tell the seller FIRST of all what functions you want the tablet to have, ask if a certain bluetooth headset works with it etc. Then take a look at the tablets offered.

    Write a note if you have to, the seller will only be glad to help you, and appreciates a non knowing customer telling straight what he wants, instead of a frustrated angry one.
  8. gregw5

    gregw5 New Member

    With your tab, you pay a cell phone charge $ / minutes and a data charge $ / GB. Might as well have a smart phone in my opinion. I'm trying to do the same thing with only the data plan. Right now I pay $45 for 450 minutes $10 for texting, $35 for minimum data plan + taxes = a lot and I really want more data. The method I'm talking about (should) give me more than twice the data (not sure how much internet phone calls use on data) at almost half the price.
  9. NickanM

    NickanM Active Member

    Nope, i got free 3g surf, free calls to anyone using the same carrier. And its a prepaid phonecard, since i bought my pad unlocked cheap on ebay. But, if the things you mention about prices is your choices, ill understand your concern.

    The things ill try to point out is that while you have all the abilities a pad can offer, including cheap / free calls via internet, people can also call you on your ordinary cellnumber. I use skype to make internet calls. ;)
  10. tcat007

    tcat007 Well-Known Member

    I use a Samsung Galaxy Player (5.0"), wifi only. I do have wifi at home and work. GrooveIP works well on it, so with Google Voice and GrooveIP I can make and receive calls, no plan. I get voicemail if I get a call when not on wfi (after I get back on wifi). I do have a VM plan, but I haven't made or received a call on that phone in 3 months, so I'll be dropping it soon (it's just such a good plan, unlimited for $25, it's hard to get rid of since I can terther to it if I need to, but never have other than to test it). I get 2 days battery, GV is one of the least drainers.
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