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  1. agiligriff

    agiligriff New Member

    Not sure if I'm posting this in the right area, but here goes...
    I am currently a Verizon subscriber for my phones and Mifi..... My question is, if I purchase a Samsung Galaxy 10.1 from Best Buy (or where ever), can I connect to my mifi and/or CenturyLink wireless router with out "subscribing" to anything else?
    Thanks for the help

  2. agiligriff

    agiligriff New Member

    :D..... I guess I was over reacting after reading other information online. So the answer to my own question..... no I do not have to "subscribe" to anything else as I already have wireless internet. One of the things that really got the question going was on Verizon website where they show the price (more than best buy) with a 2 year contract..... ???? not sure what that's all about.... :confused:

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