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Tablet Freezed at startup logo!!!!Support

  1. Algerian

    Algerian New Member

    hello everyone , i never ask any questions in forums , but this one is serious , i have a chinese crappy tablet called..(Bluetech Legend Pad 7 (B7S84AR1) with 512 mb ram , A9 processor , Wi-Fi and no bluetooth , it used to function well , until someday where i started it and it suddenly frozen at the android logo , i tried factoryy reset but nothing changed , is anyone has a useful info please give me a hand because im about to kick it out of the door or crash it totally .......and thanks.:(:(:confused::confused::mad::mad::saddroid::saddroid::maddroid::maddroid::nailbitingdroid:

  2. hiredgun

    hiredgun Well-Known Member

    The first thing that the veterans will want to know here is if you did anything to the tablet, like trying to flash it, before this happened. If you give as many clues as possible they will have more possibilities to help you!

    It's actually not too crappy a tablet because they have a website, lol. Try contacting them and see if they can help you out.

  3. Algerian

    Algerian New Member

    well thats the main problem my friend, their website is typical , nothing functions, its just a fake website......answering ur question.....well ive made a factory reset many times because of some problems occured , but this time when i did the reset it refused to function , maybe the os is now corrupted??maybe i damaged the rom because of reseting many times?

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