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  1. rod999

    rod999 New Member

    Does anyone know whether it would be possible to use one of these new 7" tablets for a Videocom unit across a network either wired or wifi back to a standard Windows 7 PC

    Thinking of a commercial application using these tablets mounted in an acrylic box....function is what i want not asthgetics. 3.5mm jack to spkr's and permanent plugged in power. We provide the button push call point and the tablet does the rest via an interface on the PC ( i mean it might be possible to use a tablet for the receiving station as well one day as an option !!)

    Any ideas guys. The MG638 spings to mind........


  2. BtrSound

    BtrSound New Member

    I am thinking about doing the same thing. Were you ever able to accomplish this. If so, let me know how it worked.

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