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Tablet Nextway Fast8 -HELP !

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  1. Andy1pl

    Andy1pl New Member

    Hi all,

    i just bought brand new Nextway Fast8 tablet, goes on Jelly Bean 4.1.1 ; 3.0.8+ ..and I have a few BIG problems .

    1. I was looking over internet for USB driver -cause from manufacture website is not working (nextway[dot]com[dot]cn) ,.. mass storage works fine , but i can not make any root ! how I can make root w/o PC? i already tried Z4root - not working ;(

    2. WiFi signal is weak, unstable, - maybe is JB problem, but I can not fix it by any program... any idea ?

    3. i just downloaded update from nextway website BUT i can't instal, cause it's problem like #1 - can not connect to PC..

    I believe, that some of you can help me out... i getting crazy now...
    I will be grateful for any ideas, instructions....


  2. JackOverIP

    JackOverIP New Member

    Hi Andy,
    I have a Nextway F7 (FAST7) and have downloaded the ROM from them for that model. The ROM filename is update.img. If your version of the ROM is the same, just copy the file to the root of the external SD and shut down the tablet. Load the SD into the external slot and boot the tablet. It will see the update file and prompt you to update or cancel. After the update, you may have to go to settings/backup & reset and clear the tablet with a factory reset.
    There it is - new tablet just like it comes out of the box with the latest update.
  3. JackOverIP

    JackOverIP New Member

    ...and by the way, the USB drivers are in the Android SDK kit under extras directory. Use the windows hardware wizard (C:\Windows\System32\hdwwiz.exe) with administrator rights and select the .inf file.

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