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  1. neoforce

    neoforce New Member


    My samsung tablet isnt loading up on the MAC OS X Lion and now Mountain Lion both when I try to connect it using the samsung tablet's cable into the lappy's usb port.

    I only the MTP initialized on notifications on tablet , but this doesn't show up in Mac

    Tried using Kies 2.0 as well for Mac, but that is always Trying to Connect the tablet and eventually fails...

    (I noticed that Bluetooth connection however works between both of them, but its too slow to transfer movies and music)

    Anyone with same problem and found solutions to this...please help.

  2. tpr007

    tpr007 Member

    I have Mountain Lion and bough a Galaxy Tab 2 yesterday.

    OSX 10.8 won't even let me install Kies, much less run it, and Android File Sharer doesn't work either. Plugging the Tab in won't recognise at all on the MacBook.

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