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Tablet-optimized apps

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  1. Cryptic79

    Cryptic79 VIP Member VIP Member

    Are there any apps that are optimized (multi-panel or something other than just stretch/scale) for tablets available? Ideally, at least GMail. Would also like Touchdown, gReader, TweetDeck, FB, and Handcent.

  2. SolidOrange

    SolidOrange Well-Known Member

    there are not many tablet specific apps at the moment because technically the samsung galaxy tab is the only "official" one available right now. as far as i know, no other tablet currently ships with the android market pre-installed. once we start seeing honeycomb and more "google approved" tabs, i believe we will get many more apps optimized for 7-10" screens.
  3. The_Chief

    The_Chief Accept no imitations! Moderator

    If it matters, Angry Birds looks gorgeous on a 10" screen... my daughter LOVES it :)
  4. xmr405o

    xmr405o Well-Known Member

    It's coming soon. The Honeycomb SDK beta was released so developers can start writing tablet specific apps.

    If you search the market and use keyword tab or tablet, there are a few tablet "specific" apps. I know, Mediafly for tablets and Pulse are the two people always mention that look great and run great on tablets.

  5. DireMerlin

    DireMerlin Member

    actually if possible i would a little list of some apps that works on the g tablet...i tried dungeon hunter but couldn't get it to work, or robot defense - so if any one can tell me how to get these working that would be really great...also some drawing/note taking apps thanks
  6. watersrules

    watersrules Well-Known Member

    Did anyone get an Angry Birds update on the gTablet? Got it on my droid w/ new levels, but my tablet's market is showing it as up to date with no update.
  7. watersrules

    watersrules Well-Known Member

    nevermind, found a sideload option over on XDA
  8. Zebulon

    Zebulon Well-Known Member

    The Dungeon Defenders app works GREAT on my G-tab. It looks fantastic, and it runs really, really smoothly. It works a whole lot better on the G-tab than on my Samsung Mesmerize.
  9. DireMerlin

    DireMerlin Member

    How did you get it to work? Any links or info you can provide?
  10. Zebulon

    Zebulon Well-Known Member

    I just downloaded it from the app market. My G-tab is rooted and running VEGAn, so the app might not be available in the online store that the G-tab comes with stock, but as long as you have full market access, you can get Dungeon Defenders. It costs $2.99, if I remember right, and it's pretty big (400mb, I believe). You actually download the framework from the app store, and then when you open the app, it downloads the rest of the files that you need to run it.
  11. SolidOrange

    SolidOrange Well-Known Member

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  12. Zebulon

    Zebulon Well-Known Member

  13. kimkgk

    kimkgk Well-Known Member

    Same here. Can't get them.
  14. xmr405o

    xmr405o Well-Known Member

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