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Tablet screen flashes on and off but never starts up?Support

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  1. MadHatter091

    MadHatter091 New Member

    Hi all,

    So I have been unable to actually start up my tab for about a week now. When it's plugged into the wall, the charging screen flashes on and off continuously. When it's unplugged, it will flash the "Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0" screen on and off until the battery is dead.

    Holding the power button does nothing. When I've tried plugging it into my computer, it is recognized for 2 seconds, then not, 2 seconds, then not.

    How do I fix this?? There has been no impact of any sort or shady applications installed. I fell asleep one night with it working and the next morning it was broken!

    Thanks in advance!

  2. acefsw

    acefsw New Member

    Try taking out the battery and then putting it back in. You can also try holding the volume button up and then pressing the power button, hold them both and see if it boots in to recovery. If it does, you can do a system restore.
  3. jpaskell

    jpaskell Well-Known Member

    Can the battery be removed from these devices? Easily? Without warranty issues?

    This is a tab 2 forum correct?
  4. Help lease

    Help lease New Member

    My tab 3 was not storing charge shows up charging sign but it won't charge someone said by removing battery cable inside and then pressing power button will help it ... But then my screen started blinking I repeated same processure and now it's not even blinking :( help give me a fix
  5. LucianS

    LucianS New Member

    this happens to me, i have a Samsung galaxy tab 4, i was watching movies one of the nights and everything was fine, when i woke up my screen started flashing and it kept on switching off. My tab does not charge properly but that happened to me from a long time but the screen problem was new.

    i charged my tablet for at least 10 minutes and it would stay at 1% the whole time, i then switch on my tablet and it would start up. i make sure i reduced my screen brightness to low, when my brightness is high the screen starts to flash. i cant unplug my charger now or the battery will die and the screen will start flashing so i use a portable charger. (if you try this then make sure you charge your tab for a while before switching it on)

    i hope this helps with the screen flashing problem but its Samsung and alot of people have Samsung problems, the screen flashing thing happend to my friends S3, my brothers S3 had a battery problem and his Galaxy ace system update broke the whole phone.

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